Black Star continues to shine on day three of the 44 Cup Alcaidesa Marina • Live Sail Tie

Algeciras Bay had a complete change of color on the final day of racing at the 44k Algaidasa Marina, with the southerly wind initially absent and then slowly filling up to 8-10 knots. Thus the race course was set in the opposite direction yesterday, with the competitors sailing towards the entrance of the bay, leaving for the port of the mighty Rock of Gibraltar.

Today was forecast to be light – Algeciras Bay in full check – so PRO Maria Torrijo announced an hour’s postponement to 1300. The first warning signal was finally at 1320.

Milder conditions seemed to favor a team that had had a surprisingly lackluster year. 1860 saw Igor Lavin’s Cherif, driven by Hrastnik, finally win the first race of his form.

Just like yesterday, Christian Jurer’s Black Star sailing team went right on their own and benefited greatly from the lifting race. But to get into the top mark, the wind went differently. Tactician Cameron Dunn described it: „It was extreme – we were 25-30° higher than the boats coming at our hips.”

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Nevertheless, the Swiss team continued to lead the way around the top, with Ceeref and Aleph just behind. On the run, Ceeref’s tactician Adrian Stead did well to read the shifts and the Slovenian led around the leeward gate. They claimed what was, surprisingly, their first bullet at the 44 Cup event since Oman in February.

„The teamwork was brilliant, the guys did a fantastic job and Ado did some good tricks today,” Law said. „We were a little worried, but I think the boat’s speed was back.”

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Sheriff followed this up in the next race, and an OCS in the final race saved seventh place. This made them the second highest scoring team on the day.

Like Friday, the drama-filled race of the day was the second. Today the action of a boat caused a shock. In 44 Cup events, outside teams can hire the RC44 test boat. This week it’s the turn of the Santander-based Noticia team of Luis Martin Capides, well-known from the Soto 40, J/70 and J/80 classes.

The test boat teams were not expected to win, but no one told Capides, his tactician Rego Tabarez and their crew this. In race two, they went to the first beat and to the gasps of the spectators, they came out on top. Surely they couldn’t survive the run? They did. And the second leg also led there despite being challenged. In fact, it looked like they had the race in the bag as Sheriff tackled them from the right until Black Star split left in the closing stages of the final run. In the end Black Star left the first over and Ceeref in line with a great zip to Noticia third – yet another exceptional result.

„Being ahead of this incredible fleet has given us confidence that with more time we can stay ahead and get it done,” Capides said. „It was a great call from the tactician to go right. From there we were able to sail on our own. We still have a lot to improve on our maneuvers, but we were only here for three days. It was incredible to be there. Some of these boats have been sailing these boats for 10+ years, so you You can’t come here and expect to win races. We have ladders to climb, but we’re on our way.

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Meanwhile, Noticia’s loss was Black Star’s gain, which scored their second bullet and finished as the top scoring boat of the day. „It’s a combination of a lot of things,” explained Kiwi tactician Cameron Dunn, fired up by his country’s rugby win over Argentina last night. „We think we’ve made a jump in our speed. We talk a lot about strategy before races. Black Star comes on top of their 'speed loop’, allowing Tons to focus on tactics.

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After two lackluster races, the final went to Chris Back’s Team Aqua. The class president didn’t say much about his first races, but commented on his final bullet: „We got a good start, got the right side of the course. We were a bit resigned, we couldn’t do anything worse, so we can only go up from there! It’s very tricky. There were definitely bigger 'sides’.

However, even with all these names in the limelight, the overall lead for the 44 Cup Alcaidesa Marina still rests with John Pasadone and his Peninsula Petroleum. The host of the event today posted three results in the top half of the fleet and lead by a slender point from the Black Star sailing team, which in turn is four ahead of Ceeref.

In an attempt to restore the schedule, racing is possible up to four races tomorrow at 1100 CEST an hour earlier. Big winds are forecast!

44 Cup Alcideza Marina Results:
(After six races)

1. Peninsular Race – 3 2 3 4 5 3 – 20
2. Black Star Sailing – 2 1 8 2 1 7 – 21
3. Powered by Team Serf Hrastnik 1860 – 4 5 5 1 2 8 – 25
4. Artemis Racing – 7 3 2 3 6 5 – 26
5. Aleph Racing – 1 7 9 7 4 2 – 30
6. Group Aqua – 6 4 4 8 8 1 – 31
7. Attractiveness – 8 8 1 6 7 4 – 34
8. Group Nikka – 5 6 6 5 9 6 – 37
9. News – 9 9 7 9 3 10 DNF – 47

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