BIBI and Becky G go for a drive in the new 'Amigos’ music video

South Korean singer BIBI and Latin pop artist Becky G have teamed up for a new single called 'Amigos’.

The 'Amigos’ scene features the duo driving to a house party together, where they relax by the pool and sing along to the sultry new track. When the sun goes down, they lead the party to the bonfire, dance, and drive the eight figures.

Becky G sings in Spanish before joining BIBI in her native Korean on the new song. The pair later perform together in Spanish and English. „I know we had a good time / You always want more / But if my lover calls me / We’re just friends, nothing more” they sing in the chorus.

’Amigos’ marks Becky G’s second K-pop collaboration following the release of 'Chicken Noodle Soup’ with BTS’ J-Hope in 2019. The duo performed the song together during their Lollapalooza set last year.

The new track is BIBI’s first since dropping her singles 'Hongdae R&B’ and 'Hong Kong Gongwon’ in August. Those two songs followed the release of her debut studio album 'Lowlife Princess: Noir’ last November.

In other K-pop news, (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon, aespa’s Winter, and IVE’s Liz have teamed up for the new collaboration track 'Nobody’, which dropped yesterday (November 16). „It’s a collaboration that breaks existing conventions and patterns,” said one of the song’s producers. „With the participation of artists, composers, songwriters and staff representing K-pop, it will be a special gift for music fans worldwide.”

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