Bengaluru man shares surprise encounter with Narayana Murthy in economy class: 'Sheer disbelief…'

A passenger on a Mumbai-Bangalore flight met Infosys founder Narayana Murthy in the economy class of the flight. Sharing his experience through a LinkedIn post, Naren Krishna recounted an enriching conversation he had with Narayana Murthy on various topics. Narayana Murthy is known to live a simple life and usually travels in economy class during air travel.

„The dismay of sharing an economy seat with a visionary of his stature lingered throughout the journey,” Krishna said in a LinkedIn post.

He said he was impressed by how „down-to-earth” and „approachable” Narayana Murthy was, and the two had deep discussions on topics like artificial intelligence, stress management and India's economy.

„I was impressed by how down-to-earth and approachable he was. In the few hours we shared, I explored countless topics with him, such as the future landscape with AI, the key role youth will play in the Indian economy globally, surpassing even China in the future, and managing and dealing with expectations. With stress, building a company We have to overcome failures,” added Naren Krishna.

'Detachment from results'

Naren Krishna said that Narayana Murthy shared a gem with him, the importance of detachment from results. „He (Narayana Murthy) recounted the events of the Infosys journey, where despite relentless efforts, big deals didn't materialize, while unexpected deals turned out surprisingly well. A quote from Louis Pasteur was key for me in this discussion, he said, 'Chance favors the prepared mind.'

Krishna is an entrepreneur and works as Co-Founder & CEO at Jellybean as per his LinkedIn profile. The two also discussed the advent of artificial intelligence and concerns surrounding the technology.

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„On the topic of AI, he emphasized the transformative impact on industries like autonomous vehicles and precision surgery. However, I was struck by his belief that AI will exponentially increase human productivity in various fields by 10-100 times. According to him, the pace of innovation in the coming years will be faster than the last decade. Naren Krishna said.

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