Ben Affleck's Dunkin' Super Bowl commercial is streaming on Spotify

The boy band drought is finally over. With BTS on hiatus, NSYNC's reunion is just a ploy for Justin Timberlake's solo comeback, and One Direction's 18-month hiatus for the past six years has left the lane wide open — and Ben Affleck is here to fill it. Frontman of the Dunkings, the Dunkin' coffee loving boy band. They have released their first single “Don't Dunk Away at My Heart” and is now streaming on Spotify.

The completely real band, which includes Matt Damon and Tom Brady, debuted during the Super Bowl in a star-studded commercial featuring Jennifer Lopez, Jack Harlow and Charlie D'Amelio. Only part of the song made it to the video, but now all three minutes of the '80s pop record are available at the click of a button.

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„DunKings offers a sonic solution to soothe your hearts, minds and ears,” says the group's Spotify bio. „They'll sing about love. They'll sing about Dunkin'. They'll do it in a way that puts their tracks on repeat while you're sipping Dunkin' and snacking.

Unfortunately, the single actually sounds kind of good — not enough to warrant an official “listen to it” or “instant classic” badge. Rolling Stone Even on repeat, they don't have to hear it again, prompting retail workers to quit their jobs (see also: Pharrell's „Happiness” and Walk the Moon's „Shut Up and Dance”).


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„It was clearly not my idea,” Damon clarified about the ad Recent appearance On that day The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. „However, we had a lot of fun doing it.” When he tells Affleck at the end of the video, “Remember how I said I'd do anything for you? It is nothing.”

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As it turns out, the part isn't acting — the two guys are lovers. „I told him that when we were filming,” Damon revealed. „He left it in.”

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