BEI Highlights Bank Jako ARTO Shares: Okezone Economy

Jakarta – The Indonesian Stock Exchange (BEI) added PT Bank Jako Tbk (ARTO) stock to its watch radar due to an unusual increase in share prices. Abnormal Market Activity (UMA).

ARTO operating in Banking sector showed significant stock movement, gained 12.94% in last 5 trading days and almost 100%, precisely, gained 93.89% in one month. In fact, ARTO shares rose 9.06% to close at 3,490 at the close of trading on Friday (1/12/2023).

„We are informing you of the unusual increase (abnormal market activity) in the price of ARTO shares,” wrote the letter signed by Yulianto Aji Sadono, head of the Exchange Supervision Division, and Pandey, head of the Trade Regulation and Operations Division. Mad Kusuma Ari A., Friday (1/12/2023).

A UMA notification does not necessarily indicate a violation of laws and regulations in the capital market sector.

The latest information regarding ARTO is dated November 28, 2023, which was published on the IDX website regarding the description of transaction volatility.

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„We would like to inform you that the exchange is currently monitoring the developments in this stock trading system with regard to the occurrence of unusual market activity in ARTO shares,” the exchange directors wrote.

Therefore, investors are expected to take note of the listed company’s response. Consider various possible futures before taking action.

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