Bali has been named the top summer holiday destination for European tourists in 2024

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Travel data released by hotel booking site Agoda shows that European tourists are increasingly interested in traveling to Bali.

The news confirms recent statements by Bali tourism leaders about the need to implement direct flights from major European cities to I Gusti Ngurah Rai International.

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Data from the travel site shows that booking rates for European tourists to Asia will increase by 25% compared to 2023.

This makes Asia the most sought-after continent for European tourists to travel to outside of Europe, and the trend is showing No sign of slowing down.

Indonesia is second only to Thailand in the top five countries in demand by European tourists.

Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines round out the top five. Naturally, the most sought-after destination in Indonesia is Bali.

As the country’s premier tourist destination, Bali continues to be the most searched and booked destination in the country.

The data shows that the top travel markets looking for summer travel in Asia include the UK, France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.

In a press statement, Andrew Smith, Senior Vice President of Supply Agoda, said, „The increase in interest over last year reflects the growing popularity of Asia as a holiday destination for European tourists.”

He added, „It’s great to see more Europeans exploring Asia’s incredible destinations during their holidays.” Smith also emphasized how the site is committed to helping European tourists explore the world affordably.

As more European tourists book summer holidays in Bali, tourism leaders are calling on airlines and the government to do more to facilitate direct flights to the island.

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Most European tourists book accommodation in Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or Jakarta before traveling to I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport.

In an interview earlier this month, Bali Sales and Marketing Association (BASACOMM) trustee Gufron told reporters, „Bali continues to move even into the Australian market. Apart from Australia, tourists from Europe are also likely to visit Bali. Like Germany, the arrival of tourists from that country 14.23 percent increase by 2024.

He added, “Actually, the current challenge is aviation. Flight prices are very high, especially in Europe. So, there should be a policy from the government. BASACOMM recommends that additional direct flights are required. In fact, there are direct flights from Qatar, Turkey, Singapore and other countries, but they are still very few.

However, as there are calls to make Bali more accessible, concerns are being raised that Bali has become 'colonised’ and the island has become 'too capitalist’.

Bali tourism expert Matt Sulasa Jaya has championed the approach of Indonesian Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno for focusing economic decisions on social and environmental sustainability.


Jaya said, “The goal of tourism is how many tourists come and how much money tourists spend, that’s all. Have you ever wondered what the quality of tourism should be?

„Now, people who talk about Bali tourism are mostly GIPI; they are all entrepreneurs in it. Are all entrepreneurs in GIPI ready to think about our cultural values? Entrepreneurs definitely don’t think like that. Why should I waste money thinking about it?


Jaya mentioned the recent viral story of Gangu being re-listed as 'New Moscow’ on Google Maps. He condemned Minister Uno’s reaction to the situation.

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Jaya said, „In Pali, the current tourism expenditure is 'leunang kerirun.’ [Uno] Looks only at economic results and pays very little attention to impact and sustainability.

View of Mount-Agung-and-Amet-tourist villageView of Mount-Agung-and-Amet-tourist village

Jaya said that he would like to see real sustainable tourism implemented across Bali, not just 'lip service’, and the tourism tax revenue should be fully utilized for tourism development.

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