Audi presents the first scale electric vehicle of the future with 3D printing technology

The Audi GrandSphere Concept consists of a limited series of 40 hand-painted and assembled units 3D printed.

Audi introduces the first car of the future from Scalextric. After months of collaboration with the leading Spanish company in the slot machine world, the brand with four rings Audi GrandSphere Concept From Scalextric, the limited edition limited to 40 units is a scale replica of the innovative concept car that previews what Audi's luxury sedans will look like in the future.

After months of collaboration with Audi experts, Scalextric has created a faithful replica of the model that previews what the four-ringed brand's cars of tomorrow will look like. Each of the 40 copies of this limited and numbered series is printed with 3D technology then painted and assembled by hand, achieving an exceptional level of detail in the edition of scale models that their owners can enjoy and be excited about. Audi GrandSphere Concept.

The large sedan with electric propulsion from the „Sphere” family of concept cars – together with the Audi SkySphere and Audi Urban – combines the luxury and comfort of private trips with an unparalleled offer of on-board experiences in a cabin, thanks to digitalization and automated driving, allowing new dimensions of freedom.

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