Asante King calls on British Museum to return items and more –

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In the salesroom. The big New York auction continued last night Sotheby’sIt generated $426 million in sales of modern art ($303 million) and is dedicated to works from the late music executive’s collection. I bought it ($123 million), Angelica Villa reports in ARTnews. New records were set Wilhelm Hammershoi And Isamu Noguchi. A 1951 René Magritte, Empire of Lights, from the Austin collection went for an above estimate of $42.3 million. In the Modern Art Sale, 1901-02 Gustav Klimt The seascape sold to a Japanese collector for $53.2 million after a seven-minute bidding war. Those big numbers aside, Villa writes in his dispatch that this week’s sell-off reflects a „cautious bidding environment” and „evidence that the market has gradually softened amid a mixed financial environment.”

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Big picture. President TrumpHis portrait may not appear in National Portrait Gallery In Washington, DC, Very soonThe The Washington Post reports. It is the museum’s policy not to display pictures of former presidents if they are running for office. Trump’s Save America A political action group donated $650,000 to the museum to erect portraits of former presidents and ex-presidents. First Lady Melania Trump, breaking the stereotype that donors have to provide funding. A Mail The investigation uncovered the Trump team had recommended donors Prior to the PAC’s entry, an anonymous donor gave $100,000 to the effort. Who draws the pieces? „We will not release the names of the artists until they are released, although in this case that may change as a lot of time may pass,” a museum spokeswoman told the paper.

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The Digest

His Majesty Osei Tutu IIThe leader of the Asante people in Ghana, The British Museumdirector, Hardwick Fischerand in 1874 was asked to return the gold items taken by the British forces. The agency said it was „exploring the possibility of extending a loan” to the country. [BBC News]

A two-year project has begun at Auschwitz to preserve the shoes of the 8,000 children killed in the concentration camp in German-occupied Poland. [The Associated Press]

Upcoming cover Anohni The album will feature the photographer Alvin BaltropAn immortal black-and-white portrait of a gay-liberation activist Marsha B. Johnson. [Pitchfork]

South Korean artist Lee Bay will install a 26-foot-tall sculpture deck at Rockefeller Center Busan as part of an exhibition in Manhattan next month Johyun Gallery It takes place there. In July, Rock Center hosts a celebration of Korean culture, from fashion to food. [Press Release]

Chief surveillance. The Tacoma Museum of Art is in Washington was employedAndrew Moss As its Managing Director, Tacoma Weekly reports. The mouse leaves Museum of Plains Art In Fargo, North Dakota, he served as director and CEO. Meanwhile, Charlie Lockwood has been Knocked to lead International Folk Art Museum According to Santa Fe, New Mexico Santa Fe Reporter. He was previously the executive director of the non-profit organization Texas Folklore.

Artist space. Photographer Dawood Bey is in Los Angeles TimesPainter-Sculptor Anselm Kiefer is in South China Morning PostArtist-designer Andrea Zittel has Vogueand actor-painter Pierce Brosnan has Vanity Fair.

The kicker

Political art. A Member of Parliament in Australia, Adam MarshallHe was carrying some campaign boards with his face on when he came across Some were destroyed, ABC News (Australia) reports. An anonymous street artist used black marker to give him facial hair, sunglasses and various props on different posters. He passionately posted about it on social media, and now they show Pepper Box Set In the town of Warialta. „I wouldn’t classify them as defaced,” Marshall said ABC. „I’d say they’ve improved.” [ABC News]

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