Ambassador calls on Indonesians in Japan to pray for Palestinians

Tokyo (Antara) – Indonesian Ambassador to Japan Heri Ahmadi urged Indonesian nationals living in the East Asian country to pray for the safety and freedom of the Palestinians during Eid al-Adha on Monday. „As we celebrate Eid al-Adha, our brothers and sisters in Palestine are currently facing difficult times. Therefore, I would like to call on everyone here to pray for their safety and the freedom of Palestine,” he told Indonesian Muslims attending the Eid celebration. Al-Adha prayers.

Ahmadi performed prayers with more than three thousand Indonesian Muslims at an Indonesian mosque in Tokyo.

In his speech, the ambassador said that Eid al-Adha and the ritual of Qurban are a reminder to Indonesians to strengthen their bonds.

„It is important that we continue to help each other, especially those in need, while abroad, to affirm our unity and brotherhood,” he added.

President of the Family of Indonesian Islamic Society (KMII) Muhammad Zahrul Muthakin said that KMII and the Indonesian Embassy held the Eid al-Adha prayer in five blocks so that many Indonesians would be eager to pray.

„We held five batches of Eid al-Adha prayers and more than three thousand people attended. Thanks to God, everything went well because of the coordination between KMII and the Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo,” he said.

Meanwhile, a preacher named Nasril Albab Mochamad, who led the prayer, reminded the congregation in his sermon of the essence of Qurban and Hajj.

He said the Qurban teaches people about righteousness and reminds them of Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice even his own son to God, while Hajj is a sacred ritual rather than a tourist trip for worldly purposes.

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In addition to conducting Eid prayers, KMII and the embassy also organized a children’s activity to introduce children to the story of Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismail.

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