Amazon is announcing eight innovations to deliver better shipping to customers, support employees and give back to communities around the world.

Get an inside look at how we’re expanding our drone shipping program by integrating new robotic systems and reducing packaging waste.

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Amazon invites journalists from around the world to attend our annual event Delivering the future In a logistics center and innovation lab outside Seattle, Washington.

From how we fulfill our customers’ first orders, we share the evolution and journey of our operational network Garage in 1995 How we use innovative technologies and the latest artificial intelligence today to improve that process for customers and employees.

Some of the interesting announcements we make are:

1. Launch of the new MK30 delivery drone

If that happens Delivering the future Since last year, We announce the prototype Our latest drone design, the MK30 model. This year, we MK30 preview, which will be launched in 2024. The MK30 features new custom-designed propellers that nearly halve perceived noise, is lighter and smaller, and has improved capabilities compared to our current MK27 model. It can fly twice as far, allows it to reach more customers in more places, and can operate in different weather conditions, such as light rain.

Image of an Amazon device used for deliveries.

2. The drone fleet is expanding in the U.S. and internationally

Prime Air announced the upcoming launch of drone shipping in a third US state and international expansion to the UK and Italy by the end of 2024. In the future, we will integrate drones into Amazon’s shipping network. In the US, our new drone shipping operations will operate from a select number of sites offering same-day delivery. These platforms offer a selection of products that customers need and need quickly, and that drones can safely deliver.

3. Amazon Pharmacy and Prime Air team up to deliver medicines using drones

We are announcing a new shipping option for customers Amazon Pharmacy plans to deliver medicines by drone. Eligible customers in College Station, Texas, can have their medications delivered to their homes by drone within 60 minutes of placing an order at Amazon Pharmacy, and have access to more than 500 generic drugs.

Image of an Amazon device used for deliveries.

We’re making daily improvements to the Amazon Pharmacy experience using artificial intelligence, including:

  • to use Machine learning (Machine Learning) to calculate insurance copay prices when customers search for drugs on
  • Improve efficiency by using organizational authentication to convert prescriptions submitted by physicians via e-prescribing, fax, or phone to the data format needed to process medications.
  • Use computer vision to provide additional quality assurance to our polychronic customers by double-checking the accuracy of dispensed pill packets.
  • Implement generative artificial intelligence to enable faster support for customer service agents.
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4. Amazon has teamed up with MIT and Ipsos to understand how robots can better serve the workforce

Our employees are the cornerstone of how we deliver great customer experiences, and we’re always looking for the best way to innovate for them and improve our workplace. Advanced technology, such as robotics, is creating a safer workplace, and these innovations can help ease employee workloads. We are Collaborates with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Ipsos To further evaluate how automation affects the work our employees do and how we can support their lives as new technologies emerge.

Image of an Amazon device used for deliveries.

5. New robotic systems help employees deliver to customers

We announced some of our latest robotics innovations that reduce repetitive motions and make customer orders easier for our employees. Thanks to new technologies like Sequoia, we can identify and store incoming inventory on our sites 75% faster than we do today, for the benefit of both sellers and customers.

A picture of two Amazon boxes, a bowl of popcorn on top, a Fire TV stick and remote, and a tablet in front.  Next to the boxes is a fish bowl and the background is bright light blue.

Our passion to delight our customers drives us to continue to innovate by offering the lowest prices, the most selection and the most convenient services. With this in mind, over the years we’ve introduced innovative services like Prime, Alexa and the Echo family of devices, premium entertainment and exclusive Amazon products.

6. Using computer vision and artificial intelligence to improve fleet maintenance

When we use technology for security, we don’t just think about our fulfillment centers. We present Automated Vehicle Inspection (AVI), a new technology powered by artificial intelligence, helps cruise service partners maintain their fleets and save drivers time by automating part of the post-voyage inspection process. Launched in association with the beginning UVeye technology will be deployed at AVI’s Amazon delivery centers in the US, Canada, UK and Germany.

Image of an Amazon device used for deliveries.

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7. Expand our disaster capabilities to help communities quickly

We mobilize the same logistics infrastructure, vast inventory and technology that we use to serve our customers and assist communities affected by natural disasters and humanitarian crises. That’s why we started Disaster relief centers around the world. These centers are dedicated locations within Amazon’s global logistics network to quickly store, pack and ship much-needed goods after natural disasters and other emergencies. This fall, we announced two new sites to continue expanding Amazon’s global disaster relief network, so we can be closer to where emergencies happen:

  • A new disaster relief center in Melbourne, Australia. This brings us to a total of six assistance centers in the country where Amazon has already responded to wildfires and floods.
  • A new disaster relief center in Japan opened in September, the second such facility in the country.

Our launch disaster capabilities, made possible by our global expertise in logistics and technology, allow us to help communities, relief agencies and non-profits when they need it most. With Amazon Web Services (AWS), we can bring cloud technology to the hardest-hit areas to support efforts including mapping, establishing connectivity and quickly ramping up emergency call center capacity. We also bring the power of Amazon’s voice AI technology to help communities prepare for and respond to disasters. We worked with the Red Cross to develop hurricane warnings and blood donation scheduling through Alexa. To date, we have supported 115 disasters, from wildfires in Maui to hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, recent earthquakes in Turkey and Morocco, and beyond.

Image of Rivian van driving through the neighborhood from Amazon.

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8. And continue our progress towards sustainable delivery

We have reached an exciting milestone in the process of decarbonising our last mile fleet. We now have over 10,000 Rivian electric vehicles across the US and we are looking to make our fulfillment operations more sustainable.

Image of a fulfillment center floor with Sequoia, a new robotic system that reduces order fulfillment time

The new robotic solutions, Sequoia and Digit, will support workplace safety and help Amazon ship faster to customers.

Our Amazon Automated Fulfillment Center in Euclid, Ohio, It is the first US company to offer curbside recycling paper packaging solutions that completely replace plastic delivery packaging.. Most retailers use a combination of plastic and paper packaging to improve durability, light weight and optimal size; However, recycling plastic packaging usually requires you to go to a drop-off site. New paper solutions will allow many customers to recycle their Amazon packaging directly at home.

The innovations and investments don’t end with these announcements: We will continue to invent and use technology to improve the experiences of our customers, employees, partners and communities.

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