All WhatsApp messages coming in the coming months

Some of these new features, coming sooner than others, will further personalize the experience on the news network

WhatsApp is much more than that Two billion active users worldwide, has become one of the most popular and widespread messaging apps in the world. The massive use of this messaging network has significantly changed the way society interacts on a daily basis. It is integrated into every aspect of daily life, from coordinating social and family activities to becoming an indispensable tool in the business world.

In many countries, it has become not only an app for keeping in touch with friends and family, but also an important channel for family communication. Business, education and even healthcare, enabling rapid dissemination of information and maintaining stable connections. This dynamic and diversified application reflects its important role in modern society, redefines the terms of communication and sets new standards in digital connectivity.

So, with every new update, it also adds new tools Makes it even easier to operate. WhatsApp is already in full development of new features for its messaging platform, covering devices like smartphones, tablets and computers. Recently, various emerging functions for these devices have been identified in their latest beta versions. These new features will be integrated into versions released in the coming months.

iPhone protection

For iPhone users, the beta version of WhatsApp iOS brings a significant innovation: the activation of passkeys. This tool eliminates the need to use traditional passwords, six digits sent via email or SMS. This way, you can access it using your device's password or biometric authentication systems like Face ID or Touch ID.

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Set events

According to WABetaInfo, the beta version of WhatsApp for Android, specifically update, has seen significant innovation. This version will have functionality that allows events to be scheduled and automatically pinned to the community information screen. This feature was already introduced in version, although in a much less advanced state. This way, by looking at a community's chat information, you can see future events without having to search for them in the conversation.

Custom stickers

The latest version of WhatsApp for Microsoft Windows, 2.2403.3.0, introduces a feature that allows users to create their own custom stickers. To access this tool, select the '+' icon located in the lower left corner followed by the 'Stickers' button. They can then choose an image, customize it with additional elements, and add it to their collection to use in their chats.

WhatsApp is also working on other updates that are not yet finalized but could be rolled out anytime. Some of these new features have been announced recently, while others have been in development for a long time.

Nearby transfers

A feature in development called 'People Nearby' was recently revealed which will allow WhatsApp users to send files to other nearby users without using chat. This functionality is similar to technologies like Quick Share, Nearby, AirDrop or the missing Android Beam, which provide a direct way to transfer files from one mobile phone to another.

Change the color of the interface

This feature, which is already available on Telegram, will soon be introduced on WhatsApp. There is an option to customize the app interface with colors among a good few of the different options. Leaks indicate that users will be able to choose between at least five different colors that will be applied to various elements of the interface, though this customization will only be visible to the user and not to their contacts.

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Third-party application chats

According to the EU's mandate, WhatsApp must implement support for third-party chat apps before March. It turns out that these messages from external apps are displayed in a separate folder within the app. Apart from the above, WhatsApp has other updates in development, some of which may be rolled out in the near future. This includes the introduction of usernames, which will allow users to chat without one

Share your phone number (similar to Telegram); the possibility of communicating with bots based on artificial intelligence, similar to those already provided in Messenger; and creating stickers using AI.

In addition, WhatsApp is testing 3D avatars in video calls, which will allow users to respond with an avatar that follows their movements, and redesigning text states inspired by Instagram references (also from meta), with the specialty of these states. Defined duration before auto-disappear.

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