Akron revolutionized the San Francisco Expo with a great deal of technology

The company set up a large stand at the center of the exhibition, where it presented its latest technological solutions and state-of-the-art equipment.

The San Francisco Expo Regional Show has become the premier event for the agricultural and livestock industry in the region, bringing together producers, professionals and friends of the industry. In this new edition, Akron wowed visitors by hosting an exciting exhibition showcasing innovation and efficiency in agriculture in addition to showcasing its complete range of equipment for harvesting, post-harvest, organic fertilization and conservation fodder management.

Visitors to the Akron booth were able to see first-hand a demonstration of the DJI Agros agricultural drone. These state-of-the-art warehouses are designed to help farmers improve the management of their crops, monitor the condition of their fields, and carry out spraying, fertilizing and seeding operations (see cover image).

In addition to displaying machines and drones, Akron showcased Japanese Kubota tractors, recognized around the world for their quality and efficiency. These tractors are a reliable choice for field work and have proven to be an invaluable tool in increasing agricultural productivity for over 100 years.

They commented from Akron: „We are excited to participate in this new edition of the San Francisco Expo and be able to share our experience and technology with manufacturers in our region.” The company’s presence at the event reflects its continued commitment to advances in agriculture and livestock aimed at developing technology and innovation that will expand and facilitate food production in our country and around the world.

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