AGT judge Simon Cowell says his dad’s advice inspired his success

America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell credited his father’s early advice as the inspiration for his success.

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America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell is notorious for giving unforgiving advice to aspiring superstars on his TV talent show.

But the multimillionaire-turned-music mogul said he wouldn’t be where he is today without some early guidance from his own father.

Speaking at an event in London this week, the British entrepreneur recalled being 12 when his father gave him advice.

„He said: Everyone has a sign in their head that says 'Make me feel important,'” the now 63-year-old recalled to Advertising Week Europe.

At first, Cowell said, he was confused. But then I understood what Dad meant.

„Then, I was like, „What are you talking about?” Then I realized, if you’re involved in something, every person has a role in it. It stuck in my head,” he said.

„Incompetent,” Cowell said by his own admission, a lesson that would become his hugely successful career.

At age 16, he began working in the music publishing company EMI Music’s mailroom, where he said he became interested in everyone’s work and learned more about the industry.

Simon Cowell is a judge on TV talent shows including America’s Got Talent.

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„I was really curious, so I planted everybody. I went to everybody’s offices and asked a million questions, and eventually I realized that you don’t really have to be qualified to sign artists,” he said.

Later, after years of establishing himself as a major music manager with acts such as Westlife and Five, Cowell said he encouraged members of the public to open up his search for talent.

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This led to her first television talent show in the UK, Pop Idol, which became a multinational franchise and eventually led to spin-offs including The X Factor and America’s Got Talent.

„The truth is, to do this job, truly … you learn, you watch, you listen,” he said.

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