AEW Clash ratings rise again for CM Punk Vs. Samoa Joe

With a sense of urgency on AEW on Saturday nights, AEW Clash has settled into the 600,000-mark through a month of programming.

AEW Clash drew 580,000 viewers, up 28% from Week 3. Clash scored a 0.21 rating in 18-49, up 62% from the previous week. Clash took the 5th spot on cable.

The fourth week of the showdown was a significant litmus test for the fledgling, but already struggling, show. Clash’s viewership saw a steep drop in its first three weeks, falling to 816,000 in its premiere. A frighteningly-low 452,000 viewers Last week. The audience eroded so quickly that the AEW apologists had already begun Combining DVR numbers together to save face.

SmackDown has no such DVR excuses, it just dragged on Almost a million viewers to Tribal Court of Bloodline at 18-49. At its peak, broadcasting dragged on Almost three million Audiences in the critically acclaimed category. Adding DVR numbers to such juicy ratings would have been icing on a birthday cake.

AEW Clash Week 4 Ratings

  • AEW Clash Total Viewers | 580,000
  • AEW Clash 18-49 Rating | 0.21

A key Week 4 telecast of the AEW feud was CM Punk vs. Headlined by Samoa Joe. The match served as an Internet wrestling catnip designed for AEW’s hardcore audience. The conflict at the IWC consolation prize doubled with a nearly half-hour banger of a tag team match between FDR and Bullet Club Gold (Jay White and Juice Robinson).

The AEW Clash had a terrible night in terms of televised competition and live attendance. in hours, Under 2,000 tickets Distributed within the brand center in Regina. There could have been more people inside the Octagon during Robbie Lawler’s retirement speech. Of course, the showdown faced stiff competition from the UFC 290 prelims on ABC and ESPN.

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„It’s a really tough matchup for the show, but this is where—you know—it’s the number that everybody’s going to watch because it could be the real defining number of the showdown,” Dave Meltzer said.Wrestling Spectator Radio.

Last week 452,000 viewers reacted to the clash in what was effectively a cannibalistic rampage. But when Clash’s audience comes to Rampage, it’s going to be a C+ show.

The clash drew a solid number based on the strength of a nostalgic, pay-per-view caliber feud between two old ROH rivals in CM Punk and Samoa Joe. The head-to-head competition barely scratches the surface, however, and as this week’s broadcast comes with a „shop or die” feel, it feels too early to panic, four weeks in.

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