Advancing hydroponics for food security and climate action

EasyTech Farm Solutions Limited, a Kenyan agricultural technology company, is leading a transformational initiative to address both global climate impacts and local food security challenges. In a world struggling with the effects of climate change, Easytech’s innovative approach is making a significant difference in Kajiado County, Kenya, where erratic weather patterns disrupt agricultural production and threaten the region’s food security. Increased drought in the last three years prompted Maricela Moraa, the visionary founder and CEO of Easytech Limited, to take action. Having witnessed the devastating effects of climate change on local farmers and pastoralists, he realized the need for a sustainable solution that could reduce the impact of climate change on food production.

Easytech’s flagship innovation, a hydroponic fodder production system, has emerged as a game changer in climate uncertainty. By using this climate-smart farming technology, farmers and pastoralists in Kajiado County have a lifeline amid chronic droughts, floods and unpredictable weather patterns. With hydroponics, a soilless farming technique, year-round fodder cultivation is now possible with less water consumption and less space requirement. This system provides a sustainable alternative to traditional farming systems that are vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change in the region.

The impact of EasyTech’s hydroponic fodder production system goes beyond local communities. By promoting climate resilience at the grassroots level, Easytech actively contributes to the global fight against climate change. The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the adoption of hydroponics is a powerful example of how localized solutions can have a global impact. Recognizing the potential of Easytech’s climate-smart agriculture initiative, the company was accepted into the competitive KCIC GreenBiz program, a one-year incubation and mentoring program focused on supporting climate enterprises with sustainable innovation in Kenya and the East Africa region. Through KCIC, Easytech continues to gain valuable mentorship, training and access to a network of experts and like-minded entrepreneurs.

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The knowledge gained during the KCIC GreenBiz Mentorship Bootcamps has further strengthened EasyTech’s understanding of the climate impact of hydroponic feed production. As Easytech continues to expand its operations, their goal is to empower more farmers and ranchers across Kenya to adopt climate-smart farming practices. The company aims to create a ripple effect, encouraging similar initiatives and fostering resilience in farming communities across the country.

According to Marisela Mora, the driving force behind Easytech’s success emphasizes the need and importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing in combating the impact of climate change on food security. He encourages other entrepreneurs and MSMEs to create sustainable innovations using the support and resources provided by the KCIC GreenBiz programme.

EasyTech Farm Solutions Limited is not only reshaping the agricultural landscape in Kenya, but also showing how localized climate-smart initiatives can contribute to the global fight against climate change. By bridging the gap between global concerns and local food security, EasyTech is paving the way for a more sustainable and resilient future for farmers, ranchers and communities in the region.


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