Advancing Fisheries Resources, FPIK Unpad Students Conduct Blue Economy Seminar – Padjatjaran University

Reported by Fajr Amali Kurniawan

[Kanal Media Unpad] Padjadjaran University Fisheries Student Association organized a national seminar on „Empowering Fishery Communities to Achieve Blue Economy through Green Jobs”. This national seminar is one of the Fisheries Week 10.0 series initiated by the Department of Science, Fisheries Student Association, Padjajaran University.

The function was carried out on October 28, 2023 at the Patjajaran University Rectory Building, Bale Rusida. For this action, Dr. Supported by the Center for Environmental Protection, Safety and Order (K3L) headed by Teguh Husodo, M.Si.

This national seminar invited two speakers Expert In their respective fields, FPIK Unpad Lecturer Dr. Ine Maulina, SB, MD, the concept of national development in the era of globalization does not rest on economic growth and equitable distribution of its results, but rather a concept of development that relies on social empowerment and participation.

Also, Saifah Fauzia, an education and eco-tourism activist and second resource person, said, „We as youths can make a real contribution by participating in blue economy activities with the fishing community, rather than talking about the environment. , so Save our oceans, save our lives”.

Apart from the two speakers already mentioned, this National Seminar invited the Green Jobs Committee, which also disseminated information on Green Jobs. According to him, green jobs can create new job opportunities in sectors focused on sustainability, renewable energy and waste management that create low emissions and are inclusive of all backgrounds.

One of the Green Jobs Committee is Ragil Adi Santoso, a FISIP Unpaid student who previously participated in Green Jobs Academy activities held by Coaction Indonesia.

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