Accurate data will drive growth of creative economy – Minister

Minister of Arts, Culture and Creative Economy, Hannadu Musawa, has sought the cooperation of the National Bureau of Statistics in providing high-quality government-owned data to help transform the country’s creative landscape. He pointed out that accurate data can promote the growth of the creative economy.

The Minister made this known on Thursday when Statistician Adeyemi Adeniran and top management staff of NBS paid a courtesy call in Abuja.

Musawa said he sought the expertise of the NBS following the lack of data for sub-sectors under the ministry’s mandate.

“The data is essential as the ministry continues to develop policies to attract surplus to GDP.

„Prior to this administration, I realized that creative industries were woefully undercounted in national statistics. The lack of proper monitoring of creative players and their contributions to our national GDP was evident.

„We are at a stage where we are working with the National Bureau, with clearly articulated goals in the Ministry of Arts, Culture and Creative Economy and the Medium Term National Development Plan (2021 – 2025) to ensure the successful design and implementation of high-quality, state-owned data consistent with ethical standards and best practices.

„This data is not just a necessity. It is the foundation for building the future of our creative ecosystem and establishing a solid creative economy.

Musawa noted that the ministry’s accurate data would encourage policies and interventions to promote the growth of the creative sector and contribute significantly to national development.

„Your expertise is invaluable and together, we can lay the foundation for a comprehensive, accurate and government-owned dataset that will demonstrate our commitment to excellence. Together, we envision building mechanisms that will monitor and actively contribute to the growth of the Nigerian creative space.”

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The Statistician General, Adiniran commended the Minister for inviting the National Bureau of Statistics to assess and develop a comprehensive data analysis on creative contributors to the nation’s GDP. Generating socio-economic data on a day-to-day basis, starting with policy and decision-making.

“The NBS will look at the database to see what it can reveal to the ministry about the activities of the country’s arts, culture and creative economy sector.

“We will provide the baseline to the ministry and if there are gaps in line with the ministry’s key performance indicators, KPI, NBS will look at the gaps and discuss with the ministry’s representatives.
Once the ministry has compiled and verified its basis, then it is good to go. Thereafter, as the ministry programs its activities, it will collect this data to gauge progress at any point in time,” the statistics general said.

In his closing remarks, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Dr. Ngozi Onwudiwe, commended the Minister for the great step taken in seeking data for the Ministry.

„Data is absolutely critical because without data no MDA can plan and if you can’t plan you can’t act. Mr. President understands all these consequences and that’s why he set mandates and KPIs in ministries. Some KPIs have a numerical value, they can be scored and the data And without statistics, this cannot be achieved”, said Dr. Onwudiwe.

To initiate the process of data collection and analysis of the Department of Arts and Culture, a steering committee headed by the Hon’ble Minister and the Permanent Secretary comprised of technical experts from NBS and the Ministry.

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