According to Kyndryl – Society news, KyndrylMexican companies x to use technology to achieve sustainability

It is estimated that around 50% of companies in Mexico are using AI to reduce their environmental footprint.

By Deyanira Vázquez | Reporter
Kyndryl, the world's leading provider of IT infrastructure services, has released the results of a study called „The Global Sustainability Barometer” in collaboration with Microsoft. A study by Ecosystm reveals that 42% of companies in Mexico consider it very important to achieve their sustainability objectives; However, only 13% have integrated sustainability into their strategies and data.

In a world increasingly faced with climate-related challenges, it is urgent that companies act now using technology to drive sustainable solutions. In Mexico, customer demands for sustainable products are the main driver of companies' sustainability efforts (55%), followed by employee recruitment and retention (55%). Although 70% of companies surveyed in Mexico recognize the importance of the role of technology in achieving their objectives, only 29% consider it to be maximally used in their companies.

Carlos Marcel, general director of Kyndryl Mexico, commented that the level of sustainability maturity in Mexico varies from one company to another, but there are still many opportunities to innovate in data management, reporting and sustainability.

„More than half of these companies entrust the oversight of sustainability activities to their CEOs and Board of Directors, which indicates a growing recognition of the strategic importance of sustainability. Mexican companies need to receive support on how they can properly implement their sustainability goals and move forward with practical, innovative solutions.”

For her part, Shelly Blackburn, vice president of Microsoft's Cross Solutions Area, said technology has become a key enabler for sustainability success, and its role will continue to grow with the advent of sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) tools. „We are eager to make a meaningful difference and contribute to a more sustainable future together with Kyndryl,” he said. –sn–

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