A unique innovation in the world of technology will be presented in the new iPhone, iPad and Mac

After months of rumours, leaks and delays, Apple will finally launch iPads in the first half of May 2024, essentially updating Apple's most professional models. However, in source code, developers have access to an innovation unique in the tech world Apple es Pioneer Inside Ella

The release of the new iPad is expected to coincide with the release of iPadOS 17.5, the first beta and news of which we already saw last week. It makes sense that the Tim Cook-led company is launching the iPad around the time a software update is released, so we're going to tell you about that below.

New iPads in May and October

Supplier issues seem to be one of the reasons for the delay in the release of the new iPad. OLED panels In order to meet the initial demand for the tablets, Apple was forced to delay the release of this unit and cancel the (unofficial) March keynote in succession.

As a result Apple intends to refresh practically all of its tablet models throughout 2024 give up of Sales 30% due to lack of new products in 2023 and first half of 2024. So, the new iPads will be available in May, but October We'll be updating the iPad 10, the Air and, predictably, the Mini.

AirPods Pro en iPad

There are also rumors of a new Apple Pencil, which may have the Apple Pencil's last name and may have buttons or actions that perform certain tasks.

iPhone, Mac, Watch and iPad will be updated in the box

One of the most difficult problems for most of the bitten Apple users is that when they turn on their new device for the first time, they have to spend half an hour or more updating the terminal. In other words, we receive the device, but it does not come with the latest software version, but with an old version, so we are forced to update it.

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iPhone 14 Pro Case

Apple's solution is to release iOS 17 on the same day as the new product launch, which will contain the new version. However, what happens to users who purchase the device after 8 months? Exactly, the phone Expired.

Apple has made an innovative and pioneering decision in the world, and that is all devices box, When there is a new software update, you can Upgrade By then. This way, when users do their first power-up, they have the latest software version, which avoids wasting unnecessary time.

The iPhone is the bitten apple

The truth is, we think it's a great solution, especially for them products what No with They update everything Los years, like the aforementioned iPad, its mini model hasn't been updated in about 3 years. We have the same situation AirPods MaxIt has been inconsistent for 4 years and thanks to this innovation, if a user buys it today, they will have the latest firmware version.

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