A tour of the world's largest earthquake simulator

Peter Lebedev of Veritacious visited National Research Institute for Earth Sciences and Disaster Recovery (NEID) facility in Tsukuba, Japan, where he was given a tour E-Safety, the world's largest earthquake simulator. This is where scientists simulate the various scales of this devastating natural phenomenon and use that information to build stronger and safer infrastructures and buildings.

Its massive rocking table can support a 10-story building and move it in all directions with the force of the world's most destructive earthquakes. E-Defense has conducted more than a hundred tests, subjecting all types of buildings to different simulated earthquakes, all to determine how earthquake-resistant the buildings are.

After that the test started The Great Hanshin Earthquake In 1995. Not everyone is prepared for an unexpected earthquake, tragic loss of life and incredible damage. Hyogo PrefectureEspecially in Kobe, the capital of Japan.

Japan is one of the most earthquake prone countries in the world. It sits on the boundary of four tectonic plates and 90% of all earthquakes, and all of the most powerful occur at tectonic plate boundaries. But Kobe was not around. The earthquake was caused by an interface fault,…the fault had not produced any earthquakes for about a thousand years, so the city was completely unprepared. …In response, the government convened scientists to a conference on earthquake disaster prevention, where they agreed to build the largest earthquake simulator the world had ever seen.

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