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The pharmaceutical industry is subject to strict regulations regarding the handling and distribution of products. For this type of highly demanding industries, the use of technological solutions such as voice picking is important, as they allow for the reduction of errors in operations and for logistics processes to be precise and efficient.

“Without a doubt, technology is an ally for this sector. Avoiding errors and improving accuracy is very delicate as it depends on factors such as specific temperature, harsh storage etc. Solutions like voice picking are useful in the industry because by receiving tasks through voice commands, workers keep their hands free to perform each assigned task accurately and give them more attention, which is reflected in the accuracy of the product. Leonardo Navarrete, Business Manager of STG in Chile, says:

Medicines are goods that must be transported carefully to ensure their integrity. Thanks to new trends in voice picking integrated with new technologies such as warehouse management system (WMS) or inventory tracking, the risk of product damage can be reduced and adapted to the specific needs of this industry.

For its part, it is necessary to implement a WMS to collect updated inventory information and manage the selection tasks. By integrating with voice capture, both efficiency and productivity of operations are increased.

„The way this solution works is simple. As the operator moves through the work area, he receives a voice message telling him what other tasks he needs to do and informs them of their execution through the same system. This way, selection errors are significantly reduced, for example,” highlights Navarrete.

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Voice recording is a technology that sets the standard in the industry

The pharmaceutical industry has to comply with strict regulations and safety regulations, and in compliance with these measures, technology has become a great ally by allowing it to meet regulatory standards.

New trends in the pharmaceutical industry are related to the integration of technologies. As well as adding artificial intelligence, natural voice commands, enabling warehouse systems (WMS) and traceability, and adopting voice capture on smartphones, tablets and headphones will help workers achieve better mobility.

With tangible results in real-time and significant benefits in terms of efficiency and organization, this technology is radically transforming operations in various industrial sectors.

„The demand for this solution is increasing in various industries, because it allows the collaborator to keep both hands free to perform various tasks in the process, a situation that does not occur in a traditional system,” concludes Navarrete.

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