A new public procurement allows emerging companies to launch

An uprising A new way to buy space technology A game board will be drawn for years to come Emerging companies and small companies They can also leave.

This is about Innovative public procurementAn acquisition system Technology Solutions for Public Administration The sector is promoted in Spain in the heat of Berte Aerospace.

In particular, this tool allows us to respond to the specific needs of management. This is usually accompanied by a preliminary consultation The market is being asked how it can solve some of the challenges that technology doesn’t yet have. Or how existing solutions can be improved.

Then, a tender is opened to order a specific tool, including the ideas gathered in the previous phase. In this way, management encourages companies to develop this technological advancement, sharing some of the risk of its development.

Autonomous communities They have also started using this mechanism to acquire space technology. In the case of Andalusia, a consultation has been launched to provide companies with ideas on how to solve some of the challenges, such as forest fire control.

Excitement in the field

This new trend has been enthusiastically embraced in the industry. Jorge Potti, vice-president of the Spanish Association of Defense, Security, Aeronautics and Space Technologies (DEDE), explains to ABC. An opportunity for smaller companies to compete.

„Established companies usually already have a product catalog with very reliable solutions, but here The weight of the product is reduced and advanced technology is used», Indica.

Thus, access is facilitated for 'startup’ or recently formed firms so that they develop new technology or integrate into the driving firm’s value chain.

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„In this way, administrations commission projects with a specific objective; many of us in the sector like this tool,” says Carlos Fernández, CEO of Telespacio Ibérica.

An emerging procurement model

Innovative public procurement is flourishing in this sector: Many programs are offered at the national level or are currently tendering within the framework of the Aerospace Strategic Plan for Economic Recovery and Transformation (Perte).

A case like this Small satellite launcher. The €45 million project is being promoted by the Center for Technological Development and Innovation (CDTI). Pangea Aerospace is a Spanish startup founded in 2018 by a former Airbus employeeAnd the first stage has been delivered to Payload Aerospace, the same company as the Miura 1 rocket.

The design of the launcher is expected to be finalized by the end of this year, and the company to be awarded the manufacturing phase of the prototype will be selected.

Another tender which has raised expectations in the sector is currently underway Satellite and terrestrial systems for quantum communication. It has two locations, 105 million euros and 20 million.

Another case of innovative public procurement is the tender – published recently – by the Spanish system Earth observation for safety and security purposes. The call includes two technical challenges: developing maritime rescue applications and integrating spatial intelligence into satellites with the aim of reducing data sent to the ground via bandwidth.

Andalucia wants to go into orbit

Beyond national programmes, Andalucia also wants to go into orbit, followed by other regions such as Galicia. The Junta de Andalucía will function Public procurement for innovation with at least ten million euros. Before issuing your tender, you have undertaken an initial consultation to gather technical proposals that address your needs.

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Interested companies A total of 17 proposals were submitted for this call It calls for solutions to many challenges: monitoring fires in real-time, observing the Earth at very high resolution to manage forest aid, carrying out field sampling or promoting autonomous vehicles, and many more.

Government of Andalusia The tender for these projects will be floated in 2024It lasts approximately four years, although their development depends on the needs of each solution.

Predictably, Administration will include requirements to impact the region Business fabric is encouraged to guarantee the implementation of the project in Andalusia or to have a local workload.

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