A new leaked video hints at the arrival of AI integrations in Microsoft OneDrive

The emergence of artificial intelligence, developed at the end of last year, has significantly changed many of the tools available on the Internet, especially those provided by major technology companies.

And the expansion of artificial intelligence capabilities will continue to spread. In this sense, Microsoft plans to go beyond announcing and celebrating later this month at an event dedicated to its Surface family of devices. Annual Power Platform Conference in Las Vegas Between 1st and 6th October next, for that A short video has been leaked Gives a lot of talk.

A logical step to avoid falling behind the competition

And this 15 second long video Microsoft’s cloud file hosting platform, Microsoft OneDrive, suggests that it will gain continuous capabilities based on generative AI. For problems such as sorting and organizing files and folders, the text that appears „Help me organize myself” is recommended.

All indications are that it will be Some integration of Microsoft CoPilot capabilities, The company is already capable of other tasks in the integrations it brings to its different productivity apps, especially the apps that make up the Microsoft 365 Office suite.

And the possibility of exclusive ads

For now, it’s unclear what other announcements might be made during the celebration of its annual event, which is expected to be attended by big names from the company, for which various reports have surfaced pointing to the arrival of new capabilities to Windows 11. The company’s desktop operating system.

As for notification or notifications about OneDrive, you only have to wait for a month All the details are known What the company is working on to make these new developments a reality is in the same line as most of the new developments we’ve seen throughout the year, with artificial intelligence as the protagonist, and all in order not to be left behind by its direct competitor, Google, in terms of the advances it offers in its tools and products.

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Now it’s a matter of being a little patient, not thinking that the message will be available from 1 minute, because, as happens many times, you can expect messages to reach a small group of users until they mature. Let it reach everyone (or maybe they’ll surprise us).

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