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March 9, 2024 at 9:26 am. I am.

Buy one New TV It can be expensive, especially if you want to have a market-leading screen and use all its functions as much as possible.

Among the many factors to take into account when looking at a new television, depending on the brand DCL ElectronicsSize according to location, Operating system, budget, brand credibility and picture quality.

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The use of televisions is not just for watching shows or movies; Many people use it to immerse themselves in gaming sessions. However, an important aspect that is often overlooked is called input latency Input regression. This term refers to the time from when an action is executed by the controller until that action is reflected on the television screen.

Keeping this time to a minimum is essential to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience. Experts suggest that the input lag should be low 20 milliseconds for optimal gameplay. By taking this factor into account when choosing a TV for gaming, users can maximize their enjoyment in the digital world and enjoy an immersive, lag-free experience.

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Sergio Gómez Lopera, Brand Manager, TCL Colombiasaid: „It is our pleasure to share all the innovations that TCL offers to TV users in the country, to communicate its technological advantages and above all, to share the value proposition the company has with its QLED and QLED TV series with inches and high specification products. Mini LED translates into a better experience for the 200,000 users we have in Colombia”.

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By 2024, TCL expects an 8% market share in Colombia, driven by its large-inch TVs and QLED and QLED-Mini LED series.


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