A digital solution to facilitate compliance with human and environmental rights

Technology is once again an aid in addressing complex social challenges. This is confirmed by the collaboration between DXC Technology and Oxfam Intermón and within the framework of its commitment to innovation. DXC Technology has developed a digital human rights solution. This FIt enables different types of companies to manage and comply with human and environmental rights related due diligence requirements used in many laws around the world.

Cooperation between the two parties Starting with a pilot focused on the Huelva red fruit sector, the understanding derived from this directive arises from the need to support companies in regulatory compliance.Andalucía Acoge, Conexión Social and WWF Spain also participate. Development of digital solution Handed over to a team of expert DXC volunteers Servicenow’s Now platform for its ease of development, flexibility and adaptability In addition to the requirements of the project Provide an infrastructure the cloud This allows everyone to have a solution.

In this sense, the Human and Environmental Rights Digital Solution aims to act as a wide-ranging tool that can be used in any field of activity, allowing all types of organizations. Make diagnoses and develop corrective action plans through a dialogue process with its stakeholders.

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