A 'definitive’ expedition to search for Bigfoot in Thailand has been announced


Renowned bigfoot researcher Tom Biscarti and a team of experts have announced they are embarking on a „committed” expedition in search of the mysterious and elusive creature.

Unlike cryptids such as the Loch Ness Monster, the Mothman, the Jersey Devil and Chupacabras, Bigfoot sightings have occurred in countries spread across the globe.

The creature has been seen so frequently over the years that it has been referred to by 58 different names around the world, including Sasquatch, Yeti, Wendigo, Skunk Ape, Yowie, Ohio Grassman and Monkey Man.

Orang Bentek is another name for Bigfoot used in places like Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

„Reports of bigfoot or orang pendek in Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia are not a new phenomenon, but for a variety of reasons, it has been a neglected area for boots-on-the-ground searches.” Tom Biscarti said in a Press release.

„In America, the search for bigfoot and other cryptids has become an industry. The searches are accessible even to a novice, and there are really no barriers. This is not the case in Thailand, where weather, topography, wildlife, culture and politics all create limitations.

„Only a team like myself, with over 50 years of experience hunting Bigfoot around the world, can undertake such a trek.”

Dubbed „Bigfoot in Thailand: The Definitive Expedition,” Biscarti and his team will document every aspect of their search, with highlights from the trip featured in an upcoming documentary.

According to a website created for the expedition, „The first recorded reports of Bigfoot in Thailand date back to the 16th century, when remote forest dwellers spoke of '3-meter tall hairy men.'” Since the 1920s, thousands of sightings have been recorded and a dozen scientific expeditions have been conducted since the mid-1970s. .In 2005, a group of journalists traveled to Taiwan and other parts of Southeast Asia in search of ’10-foot-tall giant apes.’

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I believe the trip will be informative and successful, not only creating a definitive historical library of Bigfoot in Thailand, but with the help and input of Thai government officials, academic leaders, and locals who have experienced stories, observations, and encounters. It will also create clear evidence of the monster,” said Biscarti.

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