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Film winners at the 39th annual Casting Society Artios Awards include „Killers of the Flower Moon,” „Barbie” and „The Holdovers.”

The festival honors the best actors in movies, television and theater of the year. For the first time in three years, the festivities took place in Los Angeles and New York City, with hosts Nicey Nash-Betz and comedian Alex Edelman splitting emcee duties between the cities. The selection ceremony for actors and actresses was also held in London.

With a newly added Academy Award for acting, the night was sure to be a celebration. Commencing in 2026, the award for outstanding achievement in acting will be the culmination of a decades-long campaign for recognition.

Ava DuVernay is the recipient of this year's Lynn Stallmaster Award career achievement.

See the full list of winners below.

Feature animation

„Spider-Man: Throughout the Spider-Verse” – Mary Hidalgo

Big budget feature – comedy

“Are you God? It's me, Margaret. – Francine Meisler, Melissa Kostenbader, Betsy Fippinger (Voice Casting), Tara Feldstein (Voice Casting), Chase Paris (Voice Casting), Molly Rose (Co-Casting Director)

Big budget – drama

„Killers of the Flower Moon” – Ellen Lewis, Renee Haynes, Kate Sprance (co-starring director)

Feature Studio or Freedom – Comedy

„The Holdovers” – Susan Schopmaker, Lisa Lobel (role casting), Angela Perry (role casting), Melissa Morris (co-starring director)

Feature Studio or Freedom – Drama

„Past Lives” – Ellen Chenoweth, Susan Scheel

A low-budget feature – comedy or drama

„Memory” – Susan Shopmaker

Feature Micro Budget – Comedy or Drama

„Calling Sylvia” – Steven Tyler O'Connor

Zeitgeist Award

„Barbie” – Lucy Bevan, Olivia Grant (co-starring director)

Film, non-theatrical release

„Fire Island” – Jessica Munks, Andrew Phem (Associate Casting Director)

Television (scripted and unscripted), commercials, short film, short film series winners

TV Pilot and First Season – Comedy

„The Bear” – Jeanie Bacharach, Mickey Pascal (starring), Jennifer Rudnicke (starring), AJ Links (starring), Alison Goodman (co-starring director)

TV Pilot and First Season – Drama

„The Last of Us” – Victoria Thomas, Corinne Clarke (location casting), Jennifer Page (location casting), Megan Bayliss (co-starring director)

TV Series – Comedy

„Reservation Dogs” – Angelique Midthunder, Chris Freihofer (role casting), Stacey Rice (co-starring director), Tara Mazzuca (co-starring director)

TV Series – Drama

„Heir” – Avi Kaufman, Scotty Anderson (Associate Casting Director)

finite series

„Beef” – Charlene Lee, Claire Coons, Danny Gordon (co-starring director)

Live television performance, variety or sketch – comedy, drama or musical

„A Black Lady Sketch Show” – Erica A. Hart

Reality Series – Structured and Unstructured

„Queer Eye” Daniel Gervais, Pamela Vallerelli, Jessica Jorgensen, Quinn Fegan

Reality Series – Competition

„RuPaul's Drag Race” – Koloka Bolte, Ethan Peterson

Animated series

„Big Mouth” – Julie Ashton

Kids and Family Pilots and Series- Live Action

„American Born Chinese” – Leslie Wu, Julina Baber (Associate Casting Director)

Short film

„Motherland” – Matthew Klausner

Short form series

„We're doing great” – Alexa Pereira


„Spark Autism Awareness” – Ken Lazer

Theater winners

New York Broadway Theater – Comedy or Drama

„Leopoldstadt” – Jim Carnahan, Maureen Kelleher

New York Broadway Theater – Musical

„Into the Woods” – Craig Burns, Jeff Joselson, Bernard Delsey

New York Theater – Comedy or Drama

„Townstate” – Alain Altaffer, JC Clements

New York Theater – Musical

'Merrily We Roll Along' – Jim Carnahan, Jason Thinker

Los Angeles Theatre

„Heredity: Part 1 & Part 2” by Phyllis Schuringa

Special drama show

„Fiddler on the Roof” – Tara Rubin, Merri Sugarman, Becca McCracken (Place Casting)

Regional Theater – Dy

„A Chorus Line” – Stephanie Clapper

„What we talk about when we talk about Anne Frank” – David Cabareliotis

Theater tours

„Six (Bollin Tour)” – Tara Rubin, Peter Van Damme, Kevin Metzger-Timson

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