Writers Strike Pickets CEO – Variety

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslau felt the effects of the WGA strike during a commencement speech at Boston University, facing chants of „pay your writers” as he tried to speak.

„Late Night with Seth Meyers” writer Mike Scolins posted a video of a moment during the speech in which the chant was so loud that Zaslav paused mid-speech. Scallins captioned the video, “Zaslav attacked by Pay Your Writers chant in Boston. It is very good. „

In a statement after the speech, Jaslau thanked the university where he received his law degree in 1985. He didn’t mention the Writers Guild of America at the beginning of the strike, but he did later.

„I’m grateful to my alma mater, Boston University, for inviting me to be a part of today’s commencement and for giving me an honorary degree, and as I’ve often said, I’m very supportive of the writers and I hope the strike is resolved soon. In a way that they feel their worth is recognized,” Jaslau said.

Additionally, photos on social media showed WGA writers and members of other unions picketing outside the graduation ceremony.

Zaslav spoke about the strike on May 5 after the company released its Q1 earnings report.

„To create great storytelling, we need great writers, and we need the industry as a whole to work together,” he said during an interview on CNBC’s „Squawk Box.” “Everyone deserves a fair wage. So our first focus, let’s try to solve this. Let’s make it so that writers feel they’re valued, who they are, and that they’re fairly compensated. Then we go. Together we will tell great stories.

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