Will the 'Void' chant continue after Sydney on Eras tour?


SYDNEY, Australia — A new trend started on the Eras tour during „Blank Space,” with Taylor Swift's group wanting to continue the chant after „Sit-Nay.”

Taylor Nation, Swift's internal marketing team, Tweeted„Can't wait to sing in Singapore, Paris, Stockholm, Lisbon, Madrid, Lyon, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Cardiff, London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Zurich, Milan, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Munich, Warsaw, Vienna, Toronto, Vancouver, Miami. , New Orleans and Indianapolis.”

It's easy to do with two characters, but we're sure Fandom can find a way to squeeze Gelsenkirchen and Indianapolis into a brief hiatus.

Where did the slogan 'blank space' come from?

In the 1989 World Tour movie, filmed in the Eastern Australian city in 2015, Swift holds an iron golf club Strikes a metal pole sticking out of the bridge and platform: boom, boom. She pauses and repeats: boom, boom. But this time he sings „Sit-ni”.

An eight-count sound effect loops as she begins to sing, „Torture is all men want is love.” The sound has become a TikTok trend, with fans recreating it all week at the Sydney Opera House. The soul-stirring chant continued at the Achor Stadium, growing louder with each concert day.

On night one, Swift noted the conversation in the audience.

„So, you know how cool it was when I sang 'Void,'” she said. „Can we do it again?” The crowd chanted „Sit-ni” after she said „Torture means men want love”.

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Swift said 83,000 fans packed Accor Stadium on Sunday night. There were 82,000 fans on Saturday. It was 81,000 on Friday. He has one more night in Australia before taking six shows in Singapore and taking a two-month break.

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