Why was the young thug admitted to the hospital? The rapper is recovering after a health scare ahead of a court hearing

The young thug who was admitted to the hospital on Thursday has been released. The rapper was in the Cobb County Jail, where he served time chest pain His trial is scheduled for May 11, 2023. However, he is expected to appear in court on Friday. His lawyer confirmed the news.

Gang attorney Keith Adams said the rapper has faced similar issues in the past. He spoke to Judge Ural Glanville and said he was concerned about the gang situation. In an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Adams said he later learned of Gunter’s hospitalization:

„My understanding is that when he went to see a doctor, he was fine, he was alert. I have no reason to believe he was in a serious condition. He was not well.”


The young thug was taken back to hospital this morning.

He was released from hospital yesterday afternoon and appeared in court this morning but was taken back unwell.

In a petition filed in April 2023, Gunter’s attorney said the rapper’s health had deteriorated because he was not getting healthy food and was eating chocolate and chips. The motion further stated that the gangster has been kept in a small room and has not seen sunlight since May last year.

It is said that Gunter does not get enough sleep and can only get five hours of sleep every day as he often has to wake up between 3am and 4am on days when he has to appear in court.

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The young gangster was arrested on RICO charges in May 2022

Young thug arrested on RCO breach charges in 2022 (Image via Michael Dulberg/Getty Images)

The young gangster was arrested along with Gunna in May last year. Both were accused of racketeering and gang activity. At that time Gunter was taken to Fulton County and charged with violating the RICO Act, engaging in criminal activity, and participating in criminal street gang activities.

The gangster’s home was raided by agents the same month. He was refused bail during a hearing on June 2, 2022, and Judge Ural Glanville declared that the gangster could pose a danger to the community and inform witnesses.

Claiming that the thug could be a flight risk, Glanville said:

„Specifically, they’re from other gang members — people on this particular indictment and others not on this indictment — that he’s the leader of the gang, he’s dangerous, if he crosses them, he’s dangerous. He’ll kill them or their families.”

Young Gunter has already been denied bond on May 23, 2022. His lawyer at the time reportedly sought emergency bail on the grounds that his client was living in inhumane conditions.

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