Why Ronnie O'Sullivan wants 'nice guy' and 'dangerous player' Martin O'Donnell to succeed

Ronnie O'Sullivan admits it would be a positive result if „nice guy” and „dangerous player” Martin O'Donnell taste victory.

A year ago, O'Donnell played as an amateur without a tour card.

The win over Slessor gave O'Donnell a big boost in terms of ranking points and career earnings, but he has a chance to elevate his status with a win at Sunday's ranking event.

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„He's a really lovely man,” O'Sullivan told Eurosport. „You can tell by his demeanor, he's not in your face, he's a nice guy.

„I want to see somebody good looking good.”

O'Sullivan feels O'Donnell is reaping the benefits of making changes to his game during his tour.

„He's had his ups and downs, more downs than ups actually, but he's come back a different player,” O'Sullivan said. „He's a very strong player, so what he's worked for is working for him.

„Before he shoved them in, now he's enjoying shocking and poking.

„He looks like a dangerous player.”

Jimmy White was impressed with how O'Donnell ended his win over Slessor.

„He's focused on what he's doing,” White said at the Eurosport studio in Llandudno. “He has respect for the game and you have to play the right shots.

“He's one of those players who plays every shot…. He looks calm but make no mistake, inside he's under pressure and that's how you deal with it. It was an amazing success under those circumstances.

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