Where is Frederick? Queen Mary steps out solo for second time in a week as rumors swirl around Denmark's royal family

Queen Mary of Denmark made a second solo appearance as she stepped out in Copenhagen this weekend

Martin Sylvest Anderson/Getty Images

Queen Mary of Denmark made a second solo appearance this weekend – amid media reports a rift in the Danish royal family has resurfaced.

The Australian-born royal looked dapper in brown trousers and a trendy gray hat as he joined Denmark's Environment Minister Magnus Huyncke to open a deer park in Copenhagen on April 7.

While talking to staff at the deer park, she was seen beaming as she looked around the place and spoke briefly. It was Mary's second solo appearance in the past week after visiting the Freedom Museum in Copenhagen to mark the 75th anniversary of the founding of the National Guard after Easter.

It comes amid media speculation that the mother-of-four may have walked out on a family trip with King Frederick. Queen Mary was last seen in public with her husband on March 21 when they visited the Frederik 10 – King of Tomorrow exhibition at the Amalienborg Museum. The fair celebrated the King's coronation earlier this year.

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