What should I know about workplace etiquette?

October 04, 2023

When you start your career, it can be very difficult to navigate the unwritten rules about how to behave at work. So how do you learn that etiquette?

Comedian and writer this week Sarah Cooper The hostess says Elaine Mata How she learned those invisible rules early in her career, why they’re important, and which rules she thinks you can bend.

You probably know Sarah Viral lip-synching TikToks During the pandemic. But before that, he worked as a designer at big tech companies like Yahoo and Google. She didn’t just crack the office etiquette game — she had a little fun with those rules. In fact, Sarah’s earliest humor was about office etiquette—like her satirical essay „10 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings.”

Sarah and Elaine cover email etiquette, how to conduct yourself in meetings, and wearing comfortable pants to work. Plus, they answer your office etiquette questions.

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Key topics include: Interpersonal Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Listening Skills, Office Politics, Career.

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