What PM Modi and Joe Biden talked about ahead of the G20 summit

Prime Minister Modi and Joe Biden exchanged views on several regional and global issues.

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden discussed „deepening and diversifying” the partnership between the two countries at a private dinner. PM Modi and Mr Biden discussed defense partnership, cooperation in nuclear energy, artificial intelligence and emerging technologies like 6G during their 50-minute talks.

The two leaders expressed hope that the outcomes of the G20 summit will advance the shared goals of accelerating sustainable development, strengthening multilateral cooperation and building consensus around inclusive economic policies to address major global challenges.

After the meeting, Mr Biden tweeted, „Today and throughout the G20, we will ensure that the US-India partnership is stronger, closer and more dynamic than at any time in history.”

During the meeting, Indian government sources said Prime Minister Modi „expressed his appreciation for President Biden’s vision and commitment to further strengthen the India-US Comprehensive Global Strategic Partnership based on shared democratic values, strategic synergies and strong people-to-people relations”.

The two leaders also exchanged views on several regional and global issues. They agreed that the India-US partnership would benefit not only the people of both countries but also the global interest.

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