What is NB-IoT and why is this technology king in hundreds of industries?

Mobile networks have come a long way since calls were restricted to voice only until today. In the 90s, the transition from analog to digital signals brought everyone together carry around And text messages, for example.

Hi, Technologies like NB-IoT are here to provide even more transmission capacity to Internet-connected devices.. These innovations are designed to help with the Internet of Things (IoT), where good connectivity is critical.

Although not as fast as 5G, NB-IoT offers reliable data transmission, security and energy savings, another step forward in the evolution of mobile networks.

What is NB-IoT?

NB-IoT, narrow band IoT, or Narrowband Internet of Things in Spanish, is a technology that facilitates connectivity IoT devices. It works on top of existing mobile networks, using narrow spectrum to transmit data efficiently.

Its design focuses on devices that don't need to be on the go all the time, such as mobile phones, and can spend periods in low-power consumption mode.

Speaking of narrow band, it refers to the allocation of a narrow frequency range in the electromagnetic spectrum. Compared to technologies that use wider bands like conventional Wi-Fi, The narrower band is concentrated in a thinner section, allowing for more efficient and specific communication.

Olivia is wireless

Imagine NB-IoT as a special channel for your devices. It operates in a narrow radio space, allowing for fast and efficient communication, and while it may not be suitable for all devices, it is perfect for those in one location, such as smart meters, agricultural sensors or monitoring devices.

As explained, A NB IoT device has a battery life of up to 10 years and a data transfer speed between network elements of up to 250 Kbit/s, up to 3 kilometers and slightly more..

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What are the benefits of NB-IoT and why is it used?

Expanding the range of coverage

With the advent of new wireless technologies, NB-IoT stands out by providing an efficient solution. Short-range radio technologies, such as Bluetooth, are limited by their bandwidth and range, and LTE-M technology provides wider coverage, but at a higher cost, while NB-IoT Positioned as a low bitrate option that seamlessly integrates with 4G and 5G technologies.

More battery time

Energy efficiency is also important today. NB-IoT partially solves this problem by using simple radio waveforms and intelligent energy saving methods.

This results in lower consumption and, as a result, improved battery life. NB-IoT modems offer a lifespan of more than 10 years by following energy saving guidelines, thus reducing operating and maintenance costs for enterprises.

IOT devices

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More cost-effective technology

The versatility of NB-IoT can be seen in its ability to connect more devices with lower cost and greater location flexibility. By using regulated spectrum as per international standards, this technology Ensures reliable and secure connection.

The widespread presence of NB-IoT networks in most countries and the ease of integration of the NB-IoT module into sensors and devices contribute to an efficient cellular infrastructure, reducing costs in both security and maintenance.

Future 6G technology

What applications are currently available?

1. Smart metering: NB-IoT stands out in the field of smart metering, which is used for controlled and efficient metering of water, electricity or gas networks. This capability allows effective monitoring of consumption and condition of facilities.

2. Security: Technology narrow band It plays an important role in the security sector. Alarm sensors, from anti-theft systems to fire and flood detection, take advantage of this technology to efficiently send alerts and information.

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3. Mining: Broad coverage and reliability narrow band It can be a perfect choice even in underground environments like mining industry where it is used for various purposes.

IoT agricultural devices

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4. Logistics and Transportation: In the field of logistics and transportation, NB-IoT appears to be a valuable tool for efficient fleet management and monitoring of specific conditions such as temperature and humidity in goods transportation.

5. Industry 4.0: NB-IoT technology plays an important role in the evolution towards Industry 4.0. In this context, Wireless communication networks are already being implemented to monitor and manage the operation, driving efficiency and automation of factories..

6. Agriculture: In the field of agriculture, technology narrow band It is used in innovative projects to monitor and manage the cultivation of fields. From monitoring environmental conditions to efficient resource management, NB-IoT contributes to technological advancement in agriculture.

In short, there is no doubt that there is a diversity of NB-IoT technology, covering various fields from intelligent monitoring to security, mining, logistics, Industry 4.0 and agriculture. and connectivity in various applications in today's world.

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