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Charlotte Worthington’s 48 Hours in Shanghai

Worthington’s first trip to Shanghai was a colorful two-day blitz Ride through the BundSightseeing Gardens and templesTry Local food At the restaurant that welcomed the then President of the United States Bill Clinton As well as other prominent politicians, and teaching local kids how to perfect their moves at the skatepark.

One of the things Worthington loves most about his sport is the BMX community.

„BMX means the world to me because it’s so different from other sports and it’s so welcoming,” she told Olympics.com. „It’s a great community. It’s where I’ve made so many friends, the community and what I love about it is going on adventures, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and having fun. That’s what BMX means to me.”

Whether it’s riding down the Bund with a group of young riders or hitting the skatepark with kids learning their first moves, Worthington loves any opportunity to connect with fellow BMX enthusiasts.

For her, the absence of boundaries between different ages and skill levels is the essence of sport.

“What makes BMX freestyle so special is the community and how welcoming everyone is,” Worthington said. „It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or you are a professional. No matter what skill you learn, everyone is at the same level, and it’s hard to celebrate. Everyone in BMX loves to push each other, support each other and learn from each other.

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