’Volleyball Day in Nebraska’ offers countless NIL opportunities

„Volleyball Day at Nebraska” at Memorial Stadium at the University of Nebraska is expected to draw more than 80,000 fans, making history as the largest crowd to watch an NCAA volleyball tournament. By focusing on them, Nebraska women’s volleyball athletes can take advantage of this historic moment with a variety of NIL opportunities.

Brander Group, consolidates team licensing opportunities for college athletes, combining four separate NIL opportunities with The Athletic Thread, Campus INK, The Athletic Collection and ONIT. Each of these opportunities, detailed below, is available to every athlete on the team.

„Volleyball Day will be a major event in Nebraska,” said Kathleen Melvin, senior manager of licensing operations with The Brander Group. „The Brandr Group communicated the opportunity to all licensees with product offers to coincide with the event. All local and national licensees were excited and eager to make offers.

By Sportsman’s ThreadFans can purchase apparel featuring each member of the team Campus INK Each athlete has athlete-specific items.

Athletic Collection There are posters featuring various members of the team, and all the athletes have chosen trading cards ONIT.

Players are compensated for trading cards based on a revenue share per pack, with partial fees paid up front. They can earn additional compensation when they sell cards through their social or other platforms. One of every 10 packs will contain an autographed card, with participating athletes receiving additional compensation for the autographed cards.

Melvin said the Nebraska volleyball team had all already opted into The Brander Group’s team ownership program, so they were able to quickly transition these operations. For fans, there are various options to support their team.

„With products ranging from jerseys to team designs, caricature T-shirts and trading cards, there’s something for everyone,” said Melvin.

This is one of the biggest NIL operations for women till date.

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