Unilever CEO: Here’s how to protect the global plastics deal

Promising signs

Hein said the treaty text encourages streamlining while there are measures across the entire life cycle of plastics.

Priority areas of business alliances included – deregulation and phase-out, product design and extended producer responsibility.

Hayne said: „The adoption of universal rules in these areas is not only achievable, but it will accelerate the voluntary work already being done by industry.

„Furthermore, a mandate for transitional work is critical. It will allow for much-needed technical discussions, improving opportunities for text alignment ahead of INC5.

Reduction is an important part

Plastic reduction is „the fastest way to reduce plastic pollution,” Hein said.

„But it’s not clear how the agreement seeks to reduce virgin plastic production. The same can be said for how it will help with recycling and refilling models.

„I am encouraged to see the growing momentum behind calls for mitigation policies, including a proposal from Peru and Rwanda for transitional work in this area – something we support. With just months to go, there is still no clear path forward for this critical element.

„We believe governments should prioritize upstream actions such as phasing out complex and avoidable plastics in a coordinated global manner and harmonizing design criteria for plastic packaging.”

He added: „While these are very difficult conversations, universal rules in these areas will provide businesses with the confidence they need to scale existing solutions, drive innovation and mobilize investment.”

He ended the blog on an upbeat note, saying that signs are growing at INC4 that an agreement with universal rules on upstream and downstream activities is within reach.

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