Train bookings have tripled over the next week’s schedule

Taylor Swift’s tour of Lisbon kicks off tonight (May 24) which means the wait for Madrid’s Swifties is almost over. While the Spanish capital is a ridiculously popular travel destination in its own right, the tour proved that Taylor’s presence has a seismic impact on a city.

In Madrid? Trainline reports that this has resulted in a tripling of train ticket bookings. The ticket company reported a significant increase in passenger numbers compared to the week before the concerts. Between Seville and the capital, bookings for the week of Taylor’s Madrid tour (May 29 And 30) has tripled and routes like Barcelona-Madrid and Valencia-Madrid have doubled.

This phenomenon is known as 'Swiftonomics’ where Taylor’s presence leads to an increase in the cost of local amenities and services. Money also accrues through increased train ticket bookings, ferries and flights, hotels, restaurants and other things. American concertgoers on his tour are estimated to spend an average of €1,300 per show. Crazy, right?

For all the information you need on Taylor’s upcoming Madrid shows Santiago Bernabéu StadiumYou can see our Guide hereAnd for some insight into his brand new set list for his European tour, we’ve got it Here.

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