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Monday is blue, Tuesday is gray and I don't even care about Wednesday. Thursday I don't care about you, Friday I'm in love.

But we have to make a blue Monday. Or, rather, Blue Sky Monday. It's sunny and cloudless here in the mountains, although there's a gusty wind. Good sailing, if only there was somewhere to sail. I think hang-gliding is an option, although my fear of heights would never allow such madness. Ziplining was about the size of it for me, and it was pretty scary (although I will never forget ziplining a kilometer over a waterfall in the jungle of Costa Rica—pretty amazing!)

Anyway, today's Wordle awaits, so let's dive right in!

How to Solve Today's Wordle

Note: Be prepared.

Clue: The letters MENT can be added to the end of this word.

ok, Spoilers below!





Wordl analysis

Every day I check Wordle Bot to see how I did. You can check your Wordles with Wordle Bot Right here.

Can you solve today's phrase?

Like yesterday, I got my initial guess for today's wordlay from today's Strands puzzle. Unfortunately it wasn't a great opening word, but it could have been worse. The trial left me with 146 words according to Wordle Bot. BIOME reduced it to just 6 with two yellow boxes.

From here, I guessed one of the words I found. Nothing seems better than the other. And the sheik seemed crazy enough to make it work. Alas, EQUIP is Wordle.

Competition Wordl Score

I get zero points for guessing four and -1 points for losing to a bot who guessed three. That's life!

How to play Match Worldlay

Guessing at 1 is worth 3 points; Guessing at 2 is worth 2 points; Guessing out of 3 is worth 1 point; Guessing at 4 is worth 0 points; Guessing out of 5 is -1 points; -2 points for guessing 6 and -3 points for missing Wordle.

Defeat the opponent and get 1 point. If you tie, you get 0 points. If you lose to your opponent, you get -1 point. Add it up to get your score. Keep a daily running score or play for a new score every day.

Today's Wordle Etymology

The word „equip” traces its roots to the French word „équiper”, which first appeared in the early 16th century. The French word may be derived from the Old Norse „skiba”, meaning „to arrange, put in order”, and is related to „skip”, meaning „ship”. Old Norse influence reflects the historical Viking presence in France, particularly in Normandy.

In English, „equip” came into use in the late 16th century, originally in the sense of providing a ship or troop with what was necessary for military purposes, such as weapons or decorations. Over time, the use of „automation” expanded to include the provision of required materials or products for any purpose. A concept that involves preparing, fitting, or providing what is needed for some task or activity.

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