This is the original bar in Burgos that combines robotics and technology with hospitality

And A train that brings you beer On the table, one 3D printerAnd Interactive graffiti Oh one Automatic cane An example of visible technology components and gadgets Top TrainOriginal A bar set by two young men In the capital city of Burgos.

„We wanted to create something unique and original.” With this aim Alexander Bartholomew and Fernando Martinez They have given life to this new bar arising from their passion to create a space Technology and robotics are the great protagonists of space.

Located in the complex, 25 Calsadas Street, in Old Boa It started in August After a half-year journey, its creators are „happy and very motivated” with the project, Alejandro explains.

These young men from Burgos, aged 26 and 27, eGraduated in Industrial Automation and Robotics From the Salesian Father Arampur Secondary Education Centre. “We became good friends and we became more friends during my internship in Malta Different ideas came up. Among them is creating a different bar in Burgos,” says Fernando.

„We are both very restless and have many ideas. We are passionate about robotics We were very clear that if we were to create something, it had to be related to her», explains Alejandro. And so, as a „crazy” idea, Top Tren was born. Youth from Burgos, half a year They also combine the management of the hotel establishment with their self-employed workThey began the process of „looking for a place that fit what we had in mind.”

Partial view of campus with themed tables.Sandy Otero

“We were looking at a number of places and Boa was a good fit for us because it was a Spacious complex with top floor» says Fernando. After a few weeks of renovations, the bar opened its doors in August. „When we tell our family and friends, NThey said we were crazy, but we didn't care. We are very happy with the response to the place. People love the bar concept», assures Fernando.

From the beginning the roles of these two friends are perfectly defined. “I worked for a few years hostel And Fernando is interested Marketing „He's in charge of other businesses' networks, so he has experience in that area, so he's in charge of that part of Top Train,” he points out.

What's on the Top Train?

On campus, customers can find a 3D printer. It is precisely with that printer that the youth A train It works with «microcontrollers and cWith this we can bring the drink to the table of our choice», explains Alejandro.

A train brings two beers to a table.Sandy Otero

Nails Tables with themes And each one is “dedicated to a different beer” and “has its own mural The 'Skyline' of the City Each Beer Comes From», Fernando adds. The place is also decorated with a decoration Graffiti “We scan and use” in cyan and magenta Video Mapping We give it depth and realism,” says Alejandro.

It also attracts the attention of Top Tren customers. Automatic cane „We have a scale with different measurements and beer is only served according to the size of each glass.” Adds a Industrial Power Group It „connects the automaton to all the LEDs in the bar” and it „allows us to play with the lights as we wish, creating different environments and decorations,” says Alejandro.

With their desire and enthusiasm, these two youngsters want to continue to make the place known, for which they have already put in a work. A calendar of events such as concerts, monologues or theme parties. „Undoubtedly, the opening of Top Train took time for other things, but we are very happy with the project and the reception it has received,” says Fernando.

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