They offer technology workshops to seniors who attend retirement centers in Rio Grande

Through the Technological Inclusion Notes program, the municipality offers customized technology workshops for seniors, allowing them to learn to use devices and applications in their own meeting centers.

In an effort to bring technology closer to the elderly across the city, the municipality, through the Citizen Management Secretariat, is implementing the „Technology Addition Nodes” project. It not only provides technical equipment, but also includes specific workshops at the companies that are part of the program, giving them the opportunity to learn how to use devices and applications that are part of everyday life.

The workshops are tailored to the needs and abilities of the participants, allowing them to not only learn how to use the computers and tablets of the Technology Inclusion Notes program, but also to make the most of the devices they already have in their homes.

From learning how to use a mobile phone to sending emails or using messaging apps like WhatsApp, participants get the chance to explore and learn about technology in a friendly and collaborative environment.

In this regard, Andrea Artiques, coordinator of the Digital Notes and Technological Inclusion Notes project, explained the results that the project produced in the elderly. „The response of the elderly to this initiative has always been very positive. Since last year, the retirement centers have welcomed us with open arms. This is our second edition of the workshops held at these venues and we are seeing more and more people connecting and actively participating. Also, those who attend the workshops share their knowledge with their families and friends. By taking they become multipliers.

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It should be noted that workshops of one hour duration per session are conducted weekly at each participating retirement center. Registration is free and open, and those interested can register directly at the Retirement Centers or through the Technological Inclusion Notes program platform.

Additionally, the Technological Inclusion Notes program is open to interdisciplinary companies, whether formally established or in the process of being developed. Those companies interested in joining the initiative will have the opportunity to offer internships under conditions of equity and equality to residents of the Rio Grande.

To apply or obtain more information about the program, companies are invited to visit the link:

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