The XXII Mandoro Olive Exhibition focuses on technology

The XXII Montoro Olive Tree Fair held in days May 7, 8 and 9, in an attempt to improve its professionalism, the organization has chosen weekdays as Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to affect regular weekends. In this way, various companies can adapt their work schedule more efficiently, which will feature numerous conferences with fifty exhibitors and technical sessions.

In addition, one hundred of the world’s best virgin olive oils from the selection of the International Evooleum Competition will be tasted, and the XIII Pedro León Mellado International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Quality Competition will be launched.

Among the 50 exhibitors are mainly mechanical companies or others focused on technology applied to the olive grove, as well as public companies, agricultural companies or publishers. MerkeziEvoleeum is precisely responsible for the organization of the competition, which has a lavish annual publication in book form and initiates the Jury Tastings in Córdoba. The Mayor of Montero, Dolores Amo, Emphasizing the purpose of promoting the commercial and professional nature of the meeting, and 40 years ago, when the first oil festival took place, shortly after, in 1987, the first Expo Oliva, It alternated between John and Montoro. Amo also highlighted that Andalusia has more than 300 towns and 250,000 families living in olive groves.

As for the technical sessions, they will be held on May 8 and 9 and will have a total of eight working tables and some final reflections. Thematic lines are all related to the use of technology, for example, optimal density, digitization of all elements Olive grove, digital applications, harvest optimization models, smart yards, i.e. automated processes when receiving olives, intelligent processing at the grinding stage or new technologies in the field of communication. The final reflection above is devoted to the reaction of consumers to the situation on the shelves of olive oil, which has increased its prices massively without losing customers proportionally.

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Price is an issue

During the event presentation el The Rectorate of the University of Córdoba, This price issue was also discussed. Luis López, an agronomist representing the Caja Rural del Sur in Jaén, said he expects a medium-high harvest this season and next. In the same sense, Dolores Amo expects a decrease in prices for this reason, although in her opinion everything depends on maintaining the good flowers that already exist, which will be accompanied by the occurrence of better temperatures.

Rector of University of Córdoba, Manuel Torralbo, Impacting the sector’s technological challenge, the university joins with the imminent launch of a Chair in Artificial Intelligence Applied to Agriculture. For his part, Juan Antonio Polo, head of the Olive Oil Technology and Environment Department of the International Olive Council, has defined the Guadalquivir Valley region. Silicon Valley The olive grove highlights that the region has the largest area dedicated to traditional olive groves.

Finally, the Regional Representative for Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development of the Junta de Andalucia, Francisco Acosta, highlighted the increase of 376 hectares dedicated to olive groves in the province of Córdoba, as well as the increase in olive oil exports. 150 million euros record in recent months.

He also recalled the union between the olive grove sector Sierra Gardena Natural Park Y Mandoro.

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