’The Substance’ with Margaret Qualley sells to Metropolis, France

Coralie Forget’s thriller „The Substance,” starring Margaret Qualley and Demi Moore, has been sold to one of France’s largest distributors, Metropolitan Film Export, ahead of its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.

Match Factory is handling the international sales of the female-driven film, and MUBI has acquired the rights to release the film theatrically in North America, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Latin America and Benelux this year. MUBI has also acquired the film for Turkey and India.

„We are very proud to be able to modernize a genre that has already shined with 'Revenge’, the debut of a French director called 'The Substance’ and which very few filmmakers can handle with such artistry,” he said. Victor Hadida is Co-Founder and President of Metropolitan Film Export.

„’The Substance’ is a theatrically produced film that we are looking to release on a large scale in France, and it makes sense that MUBI is willing to work with a French theatrical distributor based on local window rules. The SVOD roll-out in France is to run for 17 months,” Hadida continued.

Plot details for „The Substance” have been kept under wraps, with the official description on the Cannes website reading: „Have you ever dreamed of a better version of yourself? You are, in every way, the best. You have to try this new product, it’s called The Substance. It changed my life.” By means, you can create another you: the younger, the more perfect. You have to share the time – one week for the other. A perfect existence for seven days… if you respect the balance? Could something go wrong?”

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