The 'Star Trek #500′ cover features a commanding collection of cosmic captains

Since 2007, San Diego-based IDW Publishing has been at the forefront of developing the galaxy of „Star Trek” comics and graphic novels for decades and spanning nearly every generation and iteration of creator Gene Roddenberry’s sci-fi franchise.

Now seventeen years later, on Star Trek Day 2024, IDW plans to publish their milestone 500th „Star Trek” issue. This all-star collector’s edition features only vintage offerings like „The Original Series” and „The”. Next Generation”, but new digital age fare on streaming platforms.

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Covers for „Star Trek #500” by JK Woodward (left) and Joel Jones (right). (Image credit: IDW)

Here is the official description:

„Celebrate the 500th issue of ITW’s 'Star Trek’ comics (and an early Star Trek Day!) with this landmark oversized anthology issue! This collection of seven short stories spans fan-favorite eras from 'Lower Dex’ to ’. Strange New Worlds, 'The Next Generation ’ and the original series, written and illustrated by 'Star Trek’ comics veterans and new voices. And the 'Defiant’ comic crossover event written by Jackson Lansing, Colin Kelly and Christopher Cantwell!”

Cover for „Star Trek #500” by Jake Bartok (Image credit: IDW)

Another fascinating feature of this special edition is the collection of four amazing covers created by artists Joel Jones, Jake Bartok, JK Woodward and Chris Fenoglio. Contributing writers include Patton Oswald, Chris Cantwell, Magdalene Visaggio, Jackson Lansing, Colin Kelly, Jodi Houser, Jordan Blum and Morgan Hampton.

„Getting any comic into print is a feat,” said IDW editor Heather Antos. Nerdist. „Reaching a milestone like 500 issues with any franchise is a true achievement to celebrate. This Star Trek Day, IDW is excited to offer just a glimpse of some of our favorite characters and series over the years. What the future holds for our Eisner-nominated 'Star Trek’ and 'Defiant’ series. Look forward to that.

Cover for „Star Trek #500” by Chris Fenoglio. (Image credit: IDW)

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