The Orion Nebula captured in stunning new James Webb Telescope photos

Top line

Researchers using NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope published the New trove This week’s images capture the Orion Nebula—the latest stunning images of distant space captured by an advanced telescope.

Key facts

Researchers with the PDRs4All project, which has members from several universities including Western University Published in the United States New research This week the so-called Orion Nebula—an often-studied region of space thought to be a hotbed of new star formation.

The new images show a specific region of the nebula called the „Orion Bar,” a „sharp, diagonal, ridge-like feature of gas and dust,” Western University said in a press release.

Else Peters of Western University, principal investigator of the PDRs4All project, said the new images „have such incredible detail that we will be studying them for years.”

The James Webb Space Telescope has been operational since 2021 and has captured some of the most detailed images from space – the most recent images ever captured. Black holes And iconic Horsehead Nebula.

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