The Fifty/Fifty Gender Equality Tool will be launched globally

In 2019, the Gender Equality Instrument and Education Fifty/Fifty was launched in Sweden. In collaboration with the International Floorball Federation, education is now launched globally and available to all floorball associations and clubs.

– It feels incredible that what started as an initiative in Varmland can now spread and make a difference around the world. He says Camilla OlsenOne of the fifty/fifty initiates.

Fifty/fifty is a digital education created in Sweden by Värmland’s Floorball Association and RF SISU Värmland to promote and spread knowledge about gender equality in sport.

The six digital lessons are a mix of inspiration, facts, discussion and reflection. The goal is to increase knowledge and achieve greater gender equality in floorball.

Since its launch in Sweden, more than 200 associations have taken the course. In cooperation with the Swedish Floorball Association and the International Floorball Federation, Fifty/Fifty is now available to everyone in English.

— We are very happy to be able to introduce Fifty/Fifty internationally. Unfortunately equality in floorball is not only a challenge in Sweden, but we have to prioritize and help each other strive for it. Therefore, it is a pleasure to provide an easily accessible and free tool to all floorball associations and clubs in the world to make the starting distance to the problem as short as possible.He says Inez RehnHead of Equal Action at the Swedish Floorball Association.

Equality is a big topic in the IFF’s FairFloorball campaign and the tool developed by the Swedish Floorball Association can really help teams, clubs and associations improve their equality agenda.

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— Since IFF first looked at the Fifty/Fifty project material in 2021, we realized that there is great potential for this material to be used by audiences far beyond Sweden. The fifty/fifty partners work to create material in English is a great example of the knowledge sharing we have come to expect from one of the world’s leading floorball nations. The IFF hopes that National Associations and Clubs around the world can take advantage of this great tool in promoting their own equality work and strive towards equal representation of women and men in floorball. He says Sarah MitchellIFF Event Manager.

Click here to get Fifty/fifty education.

To draw attention to the issue, the Swedish Floorball Association has also produced films in which children shed light on the slang that exists in the world of floorball. Swedish national team player Moa Gustafson He also plays the role of a spokesperson in the film.

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