The director of InfoTep recommends that technologists prepare themselves with the emerging technology to adapt to the new times

They confirm that the assessment of labor skills increases the quality of technicians who graduate from INFOTEP.

Rafael Santos Badia, General Director of the National Technical Training Institute (INFOTEP), said that through the competency evaluations of the graduates, the company will gain new knowledge and demonstrate its support for Dominican technicians. The business community, which bets on the country's industrial and technological development, is recommended to be prepared to know and manage „emerging technology” in that respect.

Santos Padia presented his considerations at the National Meeting of Evaluation Commissions for Professional Technical Training, which these bodies have appointed.

The evaluation commissions are responsible for preparing and applying the final practical examination, through which they verify the technical knowledge and skills acquired by the trainees and/or participants in the various training methods.

In his conference on the challenges of artificial intelligence: the role of assessment commissions, Santos Padia, in assessing job skills for future workers, follows the strategy of President Luis Abinador, who launched a challenge, designed in Agenda 20-30. To move out of underdevelopment and create a country with decent jobs and civilized habits at the level of developed countries.

„This agenda finds a special initiative at INFOTEP in expanding our technology centers across the national territory, strengthening our workshops and training technicians for Industry 4.0 that can use artificial intelligence and robotics,” said INFOTEP's director.

He mentioned the revolutions that changed the world, mentioning the steam engine, mechanization and hydraulic power. Second, the advent of mass production, electric power and the assembly line, and third, automated production and information and communication technologies.

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He said the fourth revolution is characterized by the Internet of Things, digital integration and the cloud. With this level of implementation we have seen the replacement of workplaces with computer agents as most of them are automated.

Evaluation Commissions

The commissions consist of six special members in the area, three regular members and three alternates, distributed as follows: a business representative (Chairman); A worker from the area, a monitor, technical teacher or certified and/or qualified in the industry (representative of the labor department), representative of INFOTEP and substitute for each owner.

In her welcome words, INFOTEP's Director of Verification and Certification, Ramona Mejia, said that from 2007 to 2023, INFOTEP has awarded degrees to 34,744 people in different professions and methods. Of these, 383 correspond to higher-level accreditation, technical masters.

“Let us highlight that in 2023, through the efforts of each one of you, we have been able to certify 5,417 technicians, a large number resulting from the evaluations applied by you as members of evaluation commissions; It shows their dedication, commitment and responsibility in the assessment process.”

Mejia explained that there are 97 technicians and 4 technical master's commissions associated with the regional directorates of Metropolitan, Eastern, Sibao North, Sibao South, East and South.

These commissions include more than 600 experts who annually participate in the development of approximately 1,000 final practical evaluation processes related to more than 65 career opportunities of 21 professional families.

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