The Austrian Grand Prix results confirmed Sainz and Hamilton among the dropped drivers

The FIA ​​has published the final classification of results for the Austrian Grand Prix. Carlos Sainz and Lewis Hamilton are two of the drivers demoted in the new standings, with Lando Norris promoted to fourth, while Fernando Alonso and George Russell also move up in the results.

The new classification was released after the FIA ​​fined eight drivers at the end of the race at the Red Bull Ring, including Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc and Red Bull’s Sergio Perez. Third respectively.

Aston Martin protested the provisional classification after the 71-lap encounter in Austria, where several drivers had already been fined for lane violations.

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A memo from the stewards at the time explained that the team „requested the race” because it „was aware of a number of eliminated laps (exceeding track limits) which were brought to our attention after receipt of objections”. Control to Reconciliation of all Penalized Deleted Laps”.

Later, the stewards supported Aston Martin’s protest and said that additional penalties for exceeding track limits would be applied to the final classification.

Sainz, along with Hamilton, Pierre Gasly, Alex Alban, Esteban Ocon, Logan Sargent, Nike de Vries and Yuki Tsunoda have now been filtered from the FIA.

The new results see Sainz move up from P4 to P6, Norris to P4 and Fernando Alonso to P5. Hamilton dropped from P7 to P8, while his team-mate George Russell moved up to P7.

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Meanwhile, Gasley drops one place to P10, Lance Stroll rises to P9, and Ocon drops from P12 to P14. Alban and Sargent have their respective B11 and B13 finishes.

AlphaTauri’s De Vries drops from P15 to P17, while his teammate Tsunoda drops from P18 to P19.

According to Maids, retroactive punishments are used as follows:

  • For four violations, a fine of five seconds; Five violations, 10-second time penalty.

  • „Reset” is allowed due to excessive violations. The number of violations starts again. After another four violations, a five-second time penalty is imposed; After five, a 10-second time penalty.

Stewards added that they „recommend very strongly” that a solution be found to track limitations at the Spielberg circuit.

Penalties imposed after the race are as follows:

  • Carlos Sainz – 10-second time penalty
  • Lewis Hamilton – 10-second penalty
  • Pierre Casely – 10-second time penalty
  • Alex Alban – 10-second time penalty
  • Esteban Ocon – 5-second time penalty
  • Esteban Ocon – 10-second time penalty
  • Esteban Ocon – 5-second time penalty
  • Esteban Ocon – 10-second time penalty (30 seconds total for Ocon)
  • Logan Sargent – 10-second time penalty
  • Nyck de Vries – 10-second penalty
  • Nyck de Vries – 5-second time penalty (15 seconds total for de Vries)
  • Yuki Tsunoda – 5-second time penalty

Austrian Grand Prix results are now as follows:

  1. Max Verstappen
  2. Charles Leclerc
  3. Sergio Perez
  4. Lando Norris (from P5)
  5. Fernando Alonso (from P6)
  6. Carlos Sainz (Demoted from P4)
  7. George Russell (from P8)
  8. Lewis Hamilton (relegated from P7)
  9. Lance Stroll (from P10)
  10. Pierre Gasly (dropped from P9)
  11. Alex Alban (penalty, but no movement in position)
  12. Zhou Guanyu (from P14)
  13. Logan Sargent (penalty, but no movement in position)
  14. Esteban Ocon (dropped from P12)
  15. Valtteri Bottas (from P16)
  16. Oscar Piastre (from P17)
  17. Nyck de Vries (reduced from P15)
  18. Kevin Magnussen (from P19)
  19. Yuki Tsunoda (Demoted from P18)
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DNF: Nico Hulkenberg

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