Telefonica celebrates its centenary by combining classical music and 5G technology at #MWC24

At the iconic Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona, ​​Telefónica kicked off its centenary celebrations with an event that redefined the concept of a classical concert and integrated the most advanced 5G technology. Coinciding with the launch of Mobile World Congress 2024, the event not only celebrated 100 years of innovation and connectivity, but also marked a milestone in the fusion of traditional music and technology.

The evening featured Chinese virtuoso pianist Long Long, whose performance of masterpieces by renowned composers such as Bach and Mozart was enhanced by the use of drones. and holograms, providing an unprecedented experience for more than 1,200 guests. The show not only captured the essence of classical music, but also projected it into the future, demonstrating the potential of 5G technology in the field of art and culture.

José María Álvarez-Pallet, president of Telefónica, together with CEO Angel Vila, opened the event in Barcelona, ​​especially during the Mobile World Congress, commemorating the company's heritage of innovation. Alvarez-Pallet highlighted that „Barcelona has always been a framework for innovation for Telefónica„, underlining the city's importance as the annual home of the global tech industry.

The concert at the Liceu is the start of a year full of celebrations for Telefónica's centenary, including notable events such as the centenary gala and a solidarity concert for employees at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. These activities not only recall the company's past, but also look to the future, reaffirming Telefónica's commitment to improving life through technology.

The Telefónica Foundation plays an important role in this celebration, with the opening of exhibitions and the digitization of a vast historical archive. The site offers a journey through the company's 100-year history, highlighting milestones, events and unpublished documents.

What do you think about the combination of classical music with advanced technology like drones and 5G holograms at cultural events?

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